Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Fashion RoundUP

As everyone woke up to experience Prince William marry his long time college girlfriend Kate Middleton at 4am, viewers main objective wasn't necessarily the ceremony but what everyone was going to wear... (especially the bride). British style did not disappoint with stylish hats of all colors and styles. Middleton wore a breathtaking Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown. This ivory white satin gown had a deep V-neck with lace sleeves, trailed by an 8 foot long train! resembling that of Grace Kelly when marrying the Prince of Monaco. She wore Alexander McQueen shoes with a Cartier tiara loaned to her by the Queen. Her second dress for the reception was a Burton for McQueen dress as well. This one was a strapless gown with a sparking diamond waistband and a fuzzy cropped cashmere.
Reception Gown

Grace Kelly & Prince of Monaco

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sexy Little Bride ~ New Victoria Secret Bridal Collection

Nothing says wedding night like sexy lingerie. As wedding season approaches be sure to check out the new bridal collection by Victoria Secret!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Photography

Nothing makes a wedding more memorable then capturing the moments of your special day. This photographer I found is a husband and wife that founded A&A Photography. They are an international, award winning team thats captures special moments. They take beautiful photos and I encourage you to view more on their website:  http://www.a-a-photography.com

A&A Photography
A&A Photography 
A&A Photography

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.  ~Ansel Adams

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flower Power


flowers wedding pictures
White Roses

Roses remain the most popular among weddings and come in all colors.
Bold Orchid Bouquet
The Hydrangea is also a popular wedding flower coming in colors including: pink, blue, white, and green. The disadvantage of this flower is they are on the expensive side. 

Peach Roses with Crystals

All White 

Maggie Sottero Gowns

Large View of the Darci Bridal Gown
Darci Front 
Large View of the Darci Bridal Gown
Darci Back 
Maggie Sottero designs and delievers gorgeous, high-quality gowns fit for brides of all styles. She uses high quality fabrics with Swarovski crystals, and hand sewn embellishments for affordable prices. She offers various styles such as Vintage Glam, Classic Romance, Cosmopolitian Chic, or Modern Elegance for your special day.
Large View of the Yvette Bridal Gown

Large View of the Annalise Bridal Gown
Large View of the Demi Bridal Gown
Demi (My Personal Favorite)
Large View of the Ella Bridal Gown
Large View of the Annabelle Bridal Gown

Find more beautiful gowns and where they are located go to http://www.maggiesottero.com/

Wedding Royalty

As the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton sneaks upon us in 24 days I became interested in all the fun wedding details. While ravaging through information regarding wedding dresses, invitations, venues, and celebrity guests, what stuck out to me was the wedding gift. Both William and Kate came up with the idea for all guests to donate money to charities instead of an actual gift. Assisting in these charities will help support five causes that have been chosen by the couple. http://www.royalweddingcharityfund.org/

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Very Merry Disney Wedding

Disney known for hosting memorable Weddings
"Where Dreams Come True"

Theme Infused Gowns

Mostly every women dreams of her perfect wedding gown. Here are some unique wedding gowns that definitely show individuality! Let me know what you think.... <3  

Themed weddings
are only limited
by the
Egyptian Wedding Gown
A Tradition from Ancient Culture

Hello Kitty Wedding Gown

Peacock Wedding Gown
   1.5 Million Dollars
Made up of 2,009 peacock feathers


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Save the Date

When thinking of working in the event planning industry one specific event comes to mind..WEDDINGS!!! Weddings to me are the most fabulous, memorable day of a persons' life. I love every part of a wedding: the ceremony, reception, and even planning the honeymoon. So much time and money goes into such an event its hard to not think about hiring a wedding planner. Planners help decide are you a beach bride? Maybe an elegant or a country bride? No matter the theme your wedding has to reflect you. With this, first most important detail to think about is the date!

By selecting the date you are deciding whether you want to be a spring/summer bride or a fall/winter bride. Deciding on the date helps you pick the colors of your dresses along with the flowers. This also helps you consider the weather. Do you want to be among the heat or cold, sun or snow? So chose a date wisely because of course, you hope to celebrate this day for the rest of your life and of course, Timing is Everything!

Growing Plans

Growing up with a Greek mother, she always out did herself when it came to throwing parties, social gatherings, or hosting holiday dinners. Every detail was thoroughly orchestrated down to the napkins on the plate. The food preparation was planned months in advanced along with decor, music, and "mood lighting" to make the event memorable. Naturally its been embedded in my blood to organize and plan events. Over the years I have worked for a conference center where I helped set up and execute weddings. I was head of planning my junior/ senior Prom, and when I did my internship at Walt Disney World I helped set up events that were to be held at the parks. Planning over the years has began to consume my life but in a way that has given me satisfaction and a need to plan more. Now that I'm about to graduate college and taking higher level PR classes I've had a strong desire to pursue a career in event planning. Planning events for people gives me such a joy and self-satisfaction knowing you are able to help someone plan there special day no matter the occasion.With my creativity, dedication, and some tricks from my mom I believe this is the perfect career for me to pursue.