Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Growing Plans

Growing up with a Greek mother, she always out did herself when it came to throwing parties, social gatherings, or hosting holiday dinners. Every detail was thoroughly orchestrated down to the napkins on the plate. The food preparation was planned months in advanced along with decor, music, and "mood lighting" to make the event memorable. Naturally its been embedded in my blood to organize and plan events. Over the years I have worked for a conference center where I helped set up and execute weddings. I was head of planning my junior/ senior Prom, and when I did my internship at Walt Disney World I helped set up events that were to be held at the parks. Planning over the years has began to consume my life but in a way that has given me satisfaction and a need to plan more. Now that I'm about to graduate college and taking higher level PR classes I've had a strong desire to pursue a career in event planning. Planning events for people gives me such a joy and self-satisfaction knowing you are able to help someone plan there special day no matter the occasion.With my creativity, dedication, and some tricks from my mom I believe this is the perfect career for me to pursue.

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